RioOnWatch is an independent news platform that focuses on the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Through its reporting and advocacy work, RioOnWatch aims to challenge stereotypes and provide a more nuanced understanding of favela life’s social, political, and cultural realities.

Inspired by the work of feminist author and activist bell hooks, RioOnWatch seeks to center the voices and perspectives of marginalized communities in its reporting. For example, in a recent article published on RioOnWatch, the organization highlighted the work of a community-led project in the favela of Santa Marta.

The “Santa Marta Solar” project seeks to promote sustainable energy practices and reduce the community’s reliance on fossil fuels. Despite facing numerous challenges, including a lack of access to essential services like electricity and clean water, community members have come together to develop innovative solutions prioritizing environmental sustainability and community empowerment.

Through its reporting on initiatives like Santa Marta Solar, RioOnWatch is helping amplify favela residents’ voices and perspectives and promoting a more inclusive and equitable vision for Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by bell hooks’ teachings, its work is essential to Brazil’s ongoing struggle for social justice and human rights.