Writing Beyond Race: Living Theory and Practice

Writing Beyond Race: Living Theory and Practice

bell hooks takes on the discussion of race from a participant living real time in the concept in everyday life. As an African American and as a woman, bell hooks frequently transposes her personal experience in her writing to bring points home for the reader. In Writing for Race, hooks compiles various essays on the race topic as well as how dominion of one person over another should be addressed. This collection questions our standard, historic approach to the issue, and introduces challenge perspectives from what is supposed to now be a “post-racial” era that we live in today.

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bell hooks takes on the notion that our country is past the “race” issue in a “post-racial” era in a series of essays that challenge the notion and introduce the real perspective of race today from an African American woman’s perspective. Her essays are both challenging as well as pointed, and they offer a refreshing look at an old issue buried in a mainstream feelgood view that isn’t matched on the ground. Race and race tension is still alive and well in America, and bell hooks continue to make it a theme in her writing as collected in Writing Beyond Race. The reader will be hard-pressed to walk away from this book and pretend like everything is working well in modern society, that America has completely put behind itself its race issues. That said, hooks is not generating another complaint session; Writing Beyond Race is about pushing for the requisite action to match the words that race doesn’t matter anymore, to “rigorously interrogate” our sources of information and how we inform ourselves about society.


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