When Angels Speak of Love

When Angels Speak of Love

Bell hooks‘ book is a fresh and deeply insightful perspective on the matters of love. Love is an issue that a lot of people often question. In the event of heartbreak, many people become skeptical of it. In the event that you meet someone new and exciting, love becomes sweet and people often become believers.  Bell hooks take the matter of love and take the reader on an interesting journey. She looks at the issue of love, not as a verb but as a noun. This brings to light matters in love that people often overlook. Her book is a masterpiece in every sense and it is certain to make any reader ponder a little deeper on the matter and skeptics will be made believers on this incredible journey of the mind.

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Society is obsessed with love. It has been a concept that people from the beginning of time have thought about, wished for and even completely hated. Songs have been sung to applaud it or express how deeply it has affected them. It is, therefore, a matter that bell hooks looks at in great depth. What is love? Why do people fall in love and why does it hurt so much when those we love betray us? These are some of the key and deeply profound questions that bell hooks ask in her book.

She then goes forward and looks at her own life experience. She reminisces back to her childhood and looks at her own experience as a young girl growing up. This book looks at her personal views on love and analyses them against what she has learned in her life. Society has misconstrued love for many reasons and they continue to misuse this powerful emotion.

Bell hooks looks at why society is so desperately in dire need of love and she looks at why they continue to misuse it nonetheless. How can people want something so much and then choose to throw it all away when things get difficult? What aspect of love in human relationships allows people to hold on forever as opposed to giving up on the subject? Why do other relationships in love succeed while others do not? These are the key question that “When Angels Speak of Love” looks at.

This book is an interesting new take on the love subject. Bell hooks uses her striking and incisive mind to take us on a literary journey that tries to break the barriers on love and sex and relationships. She gives insight into why people keep overlapping these subjects and why this is the reason many people end up in bad relationships.

Is love worth it in the end? Love can be the secret recipe to help heal societies and redeem people from a lot of society’s downfalls. This complex emotion is a powerful factor that when embraced can heal a nation. It is a wonder then, why people continue to confound it. This is the matter that bell hooks looks at in this great read.


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