The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love

The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love

“The Will To Change: Men, Masculinity and Love,” by bell hooks, helps men explore their emotions by addressing some of their most common concerns, which include fear of intimacy and their loss of place in the patriarchal society.

Men want and need love, but the patriarchal culture can prevent them from knowing themselves and being in touch with their feelings, which causes them to have difficultly loving. The Will To Change helps men be open with things like fear of intimacy and the way they have lost their patriarchal place in society.

Throughout the book, hooks explores things in new and challenging ways to get men to be in touch with themselves so they can reclaim the best parts and be open to love and experiencing a wide variety of emotions that have usually only been experienced by females.

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Through reading “The Will To Change: Men, Masculinity and Love,” by bell hooks, men can learn to work through their emotions so that they are capable of loving and being loved. Hooks goes through the emotions and dissects the fundamental parts of men, whether that is ethnicity, marital status, age or sexual orientation.

The book, written in 2004, is designed to help men reclaim their best selves and be open to experiencing love by addressing concerns of men, whether it’s the fear of intimacy or the loss of place in the patriarchal society. With her signature candor and intelligence, hooks believes that men can emotionally open part of themselves and can have rewarding lives with their emotions, which is something that women experience.

Hooks has described this book as way a way for men to understand how their pain affects their emotions, and help them transform so that they can be open to love and experience their best selves.

Bell hooks is an American author, as well as a feminist and social activist, and has written over 30 books on gender, race and class domination. Hooks has been known for other work in the feminist theory and, once she noticed the lack of diversity in the theory, she started publishing more books addressing it. She believes that men fit into the feminist theory and there is a great importance on men. She has written about having a more inclusive feminist theory and that, in order for change to occur, men must do their part. She hopes that by working to fix this framework that oppression of others will end. Hooks believes that by allowing men into the feminist moments it prevents separation and helps build camaraderie. This allows both genders to rise up and be in control of their own destinies that are not controlled by a patriarchal and capitalist society.

Hooks has been critiqued for her level of writing and many have claimed that it is not scholarly, due to the fact that there are no footnotes or bibliography for the work, but hooks does this on purpose in order to include as many readers as possible in many different locations.


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