Skin Again

Skin Again

No one delves into the subjects of race and identity quite like bell hooks. The celebrated author is back with an illustrated book that challenges both adults and kids to reconsider preconceived notions.

Skin Again broaches the subject of race and how it can be dangerous to place value on a person after taking one look at them. The illustrated story calls for individuals to search for the treasure hidden in everyone before jumping to conclusions. Readers will never be the same after getting an understanding of bell hooks’ perspective on race and identity as told in Skin Again.

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Nothing is skin deep when bell hooks is on the subject matter. The celebrated author takes her case of love and compassion to children in the new book, Skin Again. Immediately upon opening this book, the reader knows that he is getting ready to experience life from a different scope. Leave it to bell hooks to challenge the social norm with a riveting tale written in the first story that delves into the subjects of race and identity.

In this story, the reader learns that race as it pertains to culture certainly matters. If it were not for us doing things differently, then we would have a land filled with robots. Matters of race, however, should not work as a way to divide and conquer. A person with darker or lighter skin should not be ostracized simply because of his outward appearance.

In actuality, as bell hooks so eloquently points out, the subject of race is only skin deep. One needs to look beyond physical appearance to discover the heart of another person, which is beautiful and multi-dimensional. There is no way for a person to know everything there is to know about another human being by simply looking at him or her. Such is the reason why bell hooks wrote Skin Again.

This book is meant to encourage both children and adults to go beyond the surface and discover the values hidden in every person. You will never quite view social norms the same after getting a dose of bell hooks’ wisdom.


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