Salvation: Black People and Love

Salvation: Black People and Love

In bell hooks’ powerful work of literary and cultural criticism, she examines the perceptions and influence of love among influential black figures through history. Salvation: Black People and Love examines everything from love in major works of black literature to popular television shows to rap music, and how these portrayals of love have affected and represented the black community. She also discusses love and how it has affected black figures throughout history, all the way from the days of slavery to the civil rights and Black Power movements up to today. This book is an incredibly influential and meaningful work of healing among races, using the truly universal experience of love to bring us together. 

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bell hooks’ Salvation: Black People and Love is an influential work of cultural examination that looks at the concept of love across black culture and society through time. Love affects all of us, but it is portrayed differently and experienced differently by everyone because of their personal circumstances. In this work, bell hooks looks at how the black experience of love is unique and has been influenced by broader societal factors, such as the racism and dehumanization of blacks at the hands of other races through history. hooks looks at many different mediums in this work, from literary writing to music to movies and television, and she covers many important points in time throughout history and connects them to black experiences of love today. She also addresses love from a more personal perspective, talking to many black individuals and families with unique domestic experiences. Salvation is a work that highlights our diversity but also brings us together through the universal experience of love. 


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