Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations

Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations

No one addresses social justice quite like bell hooks. The author delves into African-American culture with her collection of essays, as presented in “Outlaw Culture,” that seeks to challenge the reader while providing explanations for some of the most pressing issues. This collection is both electrifying and surprising as hooks brings the truths about feminism to the forefront. Readers will get powerful insight into the social constructs that seek to oppress one group while bolstering another. Who better than bell hooks to present such an amazing collection of works on feminism and the need to change?

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The African-American experience continues to evolve as technology and other societal elements revolutionize various traditional sectors in the United States. There is little more powerful than a collection of essays to mark such a monumental time in history. Thankfully, bell hooks takes on the task in her book, “Outlaw Culture”.

Readers get a front row seat to the African-American experience as told from the perspective of a feminist. Get ready to laugh, cry, and be outraged as this author delivers the raw truth about society and all of its biases. It is not every day that a prolific author decides to showcase some of the writings that have influenced them on their journey. Readers can read and appreciate the road that bell hooks has chosen for herself with every essay presented in this book. “Outlaw Culture” is certainly not for the status quo. This collection of works is the ideal choice for individuals who want to be challenged to grasp a different perspective on things they thought they understood. Outlaw Culture will have readers questioning everything they were taught and embracing the journey of the unknown world of true equality that is yet to be realized.


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