Killing Rage: Ending Racism

“Killing Rage: Ending Racism” is a collection of twenty-three essays that were collected and compiled by author bell hooks. Hooks works to address the issues that come with any concept that ends in “ism” and how it relates to social inequality and bias of our society as we know it. All the essays in the work are written from the standpoint of an African American feminist, and the book overall works to address the fact that women are largely left out of the discussion when it comes to ending racism. This book is broken up into essays so that readers can better internalize and rationalize what they are reading and read each piece either individually or as a whole.

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In the work “Killing Rage: Ending Racism,” author bell hooks takes the bull by the horns and works to address, directly, the concept of racism and how to work toward ending it. She discusses the fact that women are largely left out of the movement when it comes to ending racism. Hooks not only addresses racism from a color perspective, which is what most people associate with racism, she also works to address racism from a religious and ethnic perspective as well.

The title essay addresses the rage and anger that many African Americans feel when they experience the outright racism that is so common in today’s society. She also addresses the psychological effect of racism both on those to which it is directed and those directing the racism. Hooks focuses on the adverse effects of racism on all parts of society. Hooks discusses the rage that many feel when racism is directed at them as both a negative force and a positive precursor to change and a driving force toward better relations and positive growth. Hooks feels that if the intensity that is directed at anger is redirected toward love and strength, it can be a positive force to help end racism.

Hooks takes an innovative, loving, and understanding approach to ending racism that is focused on growth and change rather than holding on to feelings of hatred and anger.


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