Homemade Love

Homemade Love

Homemade Love by bell hooks has no plot, but it is still effortless to understand. It uses bright and bold colors that give it a fun look. The style is poetically infused with soothing and energetic messages that keep readers or listeners captivated from the beginning to the end. The book passes across the message that parents love their children at all times. Even when children make mistakes, their parents do not love them less. The girl’s dress signifies different moods and what is going on in the story. Bell hooks answers the questions that most children ask ‘Will my parents continue to love me even when I make mistakes?’ The overall message of the story is forgiveness, overcoming fear, and the unconditional love that children deserve from their parents.

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Homemade Love by bell hooks is a short book that focuses on family and juvenile fiction. The author, bell hooks, is a renowned poet, intellectual, professor of English, feminist thinker, and cultural critic. She has written other books for children including Happy to Be Nappy and Be Boy Buzz. Homemade Love is a book that teaches life lessons and it includes beautiful pictures that appeal to children of four to eight years. It shows that all children deserve to be loved. The book is about a little African-American girl and her family. Readers can tell that her parents love her unconditionally. They have endearing nicknames for her. Her mother calls her Girlpie.

In the first parts of the book, bell hooks demonstrates the parents’ unconditional love. Even when Girlpie breaks a dish, her parents kiss her and tell her that they still love her. The book illustrates how important it is for children to experience the type of love they can rely on. Knowing that they are loved unconditionally may help children while they are growing and still trying to find their own identity. The later parts of the book are in a night scene where the little girl is thinking about her parents’ love for her. She realizes that she has no reason to be afraid of the dark.

Homemade Love uses big and bright illustrations to connect the different parts of the book. All through the book, the little girl is wearing bright dresses that match the activities she is doing. When, for example, her mother is baking a pie, she wears a bright yellow dress with little pies on it. The book is very easy for children to read. Hook uses a poetic style that is fun and simplistic. It may help children understand poetic styles especially if they are already experienced in reading.

The book accurately puts into words how love feels like for a child. It helps children understand that everyone makes mistakes. The mistakes, however, do not take away from who they are and they do not stop the important people in their lives from loving them. It accurately captures the idea of a safe, and reliable family love.


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