Communion: The Female Search for Love

Communion: The Female Search for Love

Intimacy and the notion of love are discovered in Bell Hooks’ third sequel in her love series. “Communion: The Female Search for Love” challenges everything that we thought we knew about feminism. Have women indeed championed all things concerning equally? Are they really on the road to total wellness, or are we all just living in the delusion of gender equality being on the horizon? Bell Hooks has answers to some of the most challenging questions.

According to the author, a woman’s search for love, not equality, is at the helm of all things. Freedom only comes when she realizes her value and appreciates herself instead of waiting for substantiation from a man.

Hooks commands the attention of readers with language that forces them to consider their ideologies in comparison with what is presented in the book. “Communion” is not a book for those who are unwilling to evolve. It is, however, the ideal choice for women who have always silently wondered why intimacy and true fulfillment appear to be more fantasies than realities.

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She brought readers critically acclaimed books such as “All About Love: New Visions” and the bestselling “Salvation: Black People and Love.” Now, Bell Cooks delivers the third sequel to her love series called “Communion: The Female Search for Love.”

What has the feminist movement done for relationships? Sure, the civil uprising has led to more respect for women in the workplace. What, though, has feminism done to help women suffering from intimacy deficiency in the bedroom? Bell Hooks seeks to answer these questions and more in her book.

According to the author, feminism stops at the bedroom door because of the innate teachings that label men as more patriarchal when they conceal their emotions. Women, as Hooks claims, are left to grapple with a corporate job that pays the bills and a second shift of satisfying a man who is sometimes impossible to read.

What does a lady do when she wants more from her man, but he isn’t willing to put out? Start with one’s self. Hooks presents the notion of self-love being the starting point to women’s happiness in bed. By self-love, Hooks references the act of women accepting their body and soul as is, without trying to change things. Hooks presents the idea of love being an individualized feature that exudes out only when there is overflow. A woman cannot truly love a man and expect such affection from him unless she first appreciates herself.

The author also presents the possibility of charity being creative by suggesting exploration of other relationships that delineate from the traditional intimacy between a man and woman. Lesbianism, Hook claims, is a possible way to obtain healthy love and, hence, find one’s actual being. Circles of love, which are intimate relationships that allow for sexual intercourse between more than one partner, may also be favorable to women in the progressive era.

Ultimately, Bell Hooks presents a philosophy in which loving one’s self is the launching pad that could lead to a myriad of realities. Women may discover that their problems with love are not really issues at all after reading this book.


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