A home is somewhere that we feel safe and wanted. It is a place that calls us when we feel weary from our daily struggles. However, does every person out there share this value of what home is supposed to mean? How does this person feel like they truly belong in their community? Hooks addresses these fundamental questions in her new book Belonging: A Culture of Place by sharing her personal stories with the reader. It tells her tale of constant travel, meeting new people, and coming back to her origin in Kentucky. She addresses race, gender, and class in Belonging that takes the reader to another world they may not find in theirs. It is a thought-provoking story that anyone can find a relation to that ultimately leads us back to where we all began: our own home.

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Belonging: A Culture of Place tackles important issues about race, gender, and land ownership through the eyes of author bell hooks. She tells the story of black farmers who work in food production and commit themselves to living organically by finding comfort in nature itself, regardless of outside societal pressures. Hooks speaks about segregation and radicalized zoning that occurred in the past and present in rural Kentucky and the struggles black farmers endure from it. Though her story comes mostly from rural Kentucky, her message is meant to be heard far beyond her state as it speaks about the struggles her community has endured over the years. Regardless of hardships, Belonging is about a life journey that people can find a relation to from any background. It brings you from life in the city to finding solace in the countryside yet again in hooks’ life. Hooks speaks a universal truth: no matter where you are, you can live a healthy and full life if one so chooses to.


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