• What does it mean to be a boy? Can we perfectly capture the essence and energy of young manhood? How do we celebrate all things boy? Exuberantly capturing “all things boy”, comes Be Boy Buzz from famed author Bell Hooks. Her bold, poetic writing plunges into the essence and energy of what it means to be a boy - particularly an African-American boy. Soulful illustrations from Chris Raschka perfectly complement Hooks’ trademarked brevity and eloquence. Leaving readers irresistibly captivated by the delights and contradictions of young manhood, this rhythmic, life affirming book is a must read for anyone yearning to celebrate what it means to be a boy.
  • A scholar and cultural critic, bell hooks infuses her writings with conversations of race and gender. In 1999, hooks wrote Happy to Be Nappy as her first children's book. Chris Raschka, two-time winner of the prestigious Caldecott Medal for illustrations in children's books, created the images that accompany hooks's text. Written for ages 3 and above with a focus on those in their preschool and early elementary years, this book inspires young girls to celebrate the beauty of their hair "soft like cotton, flower petal billowy soft, full of frizz and fuzz." Although written with a focus on African or African-American girls, the narrative encourages all readers to see the beauty within them. Disney-Hyperion re-released the title in board-book form in 2017.