The Arts Paper recently featured an exhibit titled “Not for Sale,” curated by artist and activist Bell Hooks. The exhibit showcases diverse artworks exploring the theme of love and its potential to inspire social change.

Hooks, known for her writings on race, gender, and class, believes that love is the foundation upon which a just and equitable society can be built. Her curatorial statement for the exhibit highlights this belief: “Love is the foundation upon which we build lives, communities, and movements.”

Through the exhibit, Hooks and the participating artists challenge traditional notions of love and its societal role. The artworks, ranging from paintings and sculptures to mixed media and installations, offer unique perspectives on the transformative power of love.

“Not for Sale” serves as a reminder of the importance of love in promoting positive change in the world. The exhibit’s exploration of love as a tool for social transformation aligns with Hooks’ commitment to using creativity and imagination to challenge social injustice and promote equity and inclusion.

Through her work as a curator and writer, Bell Hooks has become a prominent voice in the contemporary art world, encouraging artists and audiences alike to consider how art can inspire and enact social change. “Not for Sale” is a testament to the enduring power of her message and a call to action for all those who believe in the transformative power of love.