An opinion piece published in The Daily of the University of Washington on an unspecified date discusses the issues of fairness and consent within heterosexual relationships. The article highlights that traditional gender roles and societal expectations often lead to a power imbalance in sexual relationships.

The author cites the work of feminist author bell hooks as a critical influence on their thinking, noting that hooks’ ideas around intersectional feminism and the importance of challenging dominant narratives have helped to shape their understanding of sexuality and consent.

The article also discusses the importance of communication and consent in sexual relationships. It suggests that open and honest communication can help address power imbalances and ensure both partners feel comfortable and respected.

Overall, the article serves as a call to action for individuals to be more aware of power dynamics within sexual relationships and to work towards creating more equitable and respectful partnerships. It emphasizes the importance of ongoing communication and consent and cites the work of feminist theorists like bell hooks as a valuable resource for understanding and challenging traditional gender roles.