In the upcoming edition of “History on Tap,” the HopTown Chronicle will feature an inspiring story of ten women who embarked on an incredible journey across the United States in 1911. From different backgrounds and professions, these women traveled in a bright yellow car named “Little Mother” and covered over 5,000 miles in just two months.

Their journey was a feat of endurance and a demonstration of female empowerment and determination at a time when women’s rights were still being fought for. The women faced numerous challenges and obstacles, including rough terrain, extreme weather, and even arrests for “masquerading” as men.

The story of these traveling women is an integral part of American history. It sheds light on the early struggles for women’s rights and the power of female friendship and solidarity. It inspires women everywhere to pursue their dreams and push against societal norms and expectations.

Through “History on Tap,” readers will have the opportunity to learn more about the incredible journey of these ten women and their impact on history. This series is an important reminder that history is not just a collection of dates and events but also a reflection of the experiences and struggles of the individuals who shaped it.