An article was published on Them. In addition, an unspecified date features an interview with Karin Dreijer, the musician and producer behind the electronic music project Fever Ray. The interview delves into Dreijer’s creative process, inspirations, and views on identity and representation.

Dreijer discusses the importance of creating art that challenges societal norms and expectations and cites feminist author bell hooks as a significant influence on her work. She notes that hooks’ ideas around intersectional feminism have helped shape her understanding of identity and representation, and these themes are often reflected in her music.

Throughout the interview, Dreijer emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and exploring different aspects of one’s identity. She notes that her own experiences with gender and sexuality have influenced her music and that she hopes to inspire others to embrace their own unique identities and perspectives.

The article also touches on Dreijer’s latest album, “Plunge Into Water,” which has been praised for exploring themes related to sexuality and identity. In addition, the album features collaborations with a diverse range of artists, showcasing Dreijer’s commitment to collaboration and experimentation.

Overall, the article provides a fascinating look into the mind of Karin Dreijer and the creative forces behind her music. It highlights the importance of creating art that challenges norms and inspires others to embrace their unique identities while also acknowledging the significant influence of feminist theory on Dreijer’s work.