The article on is a follow-up to a discussion on the platform about the values of youth, which a user-initiated. In response, the author highlights the ideas of bell hooks, a feminist author and social activist, on the values and experiences of young people.

The article cites hooks’ emphasis on the importance of critical thinking and questioning dominant narratives, particularly in the context of education. In addition, hooks’ ideas about the role of education in fostering social and political consciousness provide valuable insight into the values and aspirations of young people.

The article also touches on how young people are often devalued and marginalized in society and the need for greater recognition and respect for their contributions and perspectives. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of creating inclusive and equitable spaces where young people can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Overall, the article serves as a reflection on the values and experiences of young people, drawing on the ideas of bell hooks to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities the next generation faces.