Peace and power, family, look back to unto rig with a quote to live by. And we are still breathing All About Love by Bell hooks, but that’s okay. So we are now in chapter 5, spirituality Divine love. And the first quote that stands out to me is a culture that is dead to love. It can only be Resurrected through Spiritual Awakening. This stands out to me because you must consider what it means for the culture to be dead to love, right? Not just the people, not just the individuals that are making up. But, like, everything around us tells us that love is not the thing to do. That it’s not safe, that people can’t be trusted, that people are going to look out for us, that we are not Active, and we’re more worried about our individual needs, right? So everything around us is telling us that our culture is telling us that hooks are saying that the only thing that can resurrect that love is a spiritual awakening. And I think we see it all around us, but I don’t know if we are willing to admit that it’s the Spirituality we see.

 She goes on to say, the cultural emphasis on endless consumption, the flex attention from spiritual hunger, right? So we want this Divine connection so bad, and we can’t feel it. So, we focus instead on consuming what I can consume; I can have all these things. I can have the perfect things. I can have these amazing things that everybody wants and is talking about, but you are still feeling.

 Inside, you still feel a hole or a hunger for something else. And as I was saying earlier, I don’t think we are ready to admit it. That is a spiritual connection we’re hungry for as a culture. I think that people are like, I need money. I need, you know, success. I need happiness. And it’s just like, but underneath all that, what are you really looking for? You looking to belong to look at

 I poured something she was looking for love, and all of these things can come from self, but because we look so much outside, we look so much to be validated and approved. It’s just and reassuring. I love that’s my job. I need your shirts. Okay. But because we long for that so much, we are consuming. Consuming trying to fill that Gap instead of focusing on

 What is that root, and that roof is Spirit? She says consumer consumerism is a response to lovelessness. And if you think about it,

 At least for me and the people I know and see because I’ll be watching, you know what I’m saying, that? When we consume food, right? It’s emotional; we emotional Shoppers are real emotional eaters. Even when we’re talking and responding to somebody communicating with us, right? It’s an emotional response, everything we do is emotional, so it’s not hard to understand that we’re consuming all of these things because of an absence of something. And because our culture is like, fuck love. Then we don’t think about that route. We’re missing Divine love, that unconditional love that no person can give you; you have to give yourself that only you and the divine Wine and Spirit can experience—right to the next call. I wanted to read about fundamentalist thinkers who use religion to justify supporting imperialism, militarism, sexism, racism, and homophobia. They deny the unifying message of love at the heart of every Major religious tradition, and I get so excited about this one quote because we’re living that shit. We are seeing it in front of us. Today is happening in our eyes.

I live in Florida. They are trying to bend every single thing in the world here. So, we see, right? The use of religion as a tool to push other agendas, right? And It’s scary. It’s terrifying, but we also see that people need something to Anchor to, trust in, and go back to, as this is always true. This is always right? This is all. It’s natural. And the reason I say this is that we might not be ready to deal with the fact that Spirituality is something we are missing because of religion. We are traditional people as a unit as a whole. Like not the little independent visuals. Do you know what I’m saying? We are a traditional Collective. And people are attached to religion because it’s helped us survive for so long. It’s helped us understand for so long, but when you look at the root of my vision and just like that, who said all significant religions to the group is love?

 And when you look at how religion is being used as a tool today, you don’t see that unconditional love for every single person regardless of, you know, energy. You don’t see it. You see, right?

 Only rules are not helpful; it’s more damaging and undoes all of the progress we’ve made—in the past years, trying to root and anchor to tradition. Spirituality, divinity, and love are critical when tradition is not the key.

 It’s not a class. The following quote stood out to me, as it is for this that we come into this world, this communion and self-transcendence, right? So

 We always ask ourselves a common question that will come up, what is the reason? What is the purpose of life? Why are we here, right? And build the saying that we come into this world for the communion and self-transcendence that love and everything around you and that love and self, right? That unconditional love for the dying plants and rocks.

 Eight animals and beat up, cars and Fallen trees. But also the mistakes that we make and the confusion that we have around the things happening because we can’t control it and understand it from our own perspective, right? Accepting ourselves as human and loving ourselves. The spike, like that, ‘s what life is about.

 Like it’s about learning to love everything and yourself.

 And we can’t; we can’t believe that again because of our cultural states. The love we can’t believe we can’t even if I move bro, right as a unit so you can’t ask ten different people around you, what is love and they trust me, I’ve done this multiple times to my students, and people have no idea what it means. And because of this, we can’t understand. We can’t accept that.

 The whole purpose of life is to learn.

 The following quote says love is like so as the primary way we end domination and oppression, right? So again, we go back to how we end all of the poverty. All of the pain and suffering that’s going on in the world, right? How do we end it? And we get that same answer, that same answer of love, love his pants. Love is the key. And We can’t accept it because we like, I mean, what does that even mean? Right? What does that even mean? That love will end domination and oppression. Whereas if you love and accept something as Diz and don’t want to change it and don’t want to, you know, control it, you allow it to be correct. However, it needs to be written that your perceptions don’t matter. Your wants and needs are yours and yours only, right? And you don’t project that on other people. You let them do what it is. They want to do it. If the cat doesn’t want to drink your milk, let the cat drink milk black when you try to pick up the cat. Bring the cat and do all the things. Do you know what I’m saying? We let things be. That’s what love is, accepting them aloud.

 Things to be what they are, or that’s what I understand Divine love to be, right? Because I like that, love from Spirit is unconditional, and only you and Spirit can give you great, and everything has a right to be loved in that way. So everything has the right to be loved because we must write about ourselves. Have the right to be loved in that way. Then we have to act like we have to move with love. That’s all time. I love this little spider in my room, so I’m not going to kill it. I’m not going to bother; it is chilling and not trying to hurt me. I’m going to go ahead with a bit of lizard. Again, I live in Florida, and people lizard from the route, all the time. I’m awake for the little visit to get out of the way so I can close my door, so I don’t close the lizard and door and kill. Do you know what I’m saying? Like, It’s just accepting the man on the road as Russian. I’m going to send him some good energy, some positive energy, and some love because he probably already got a lot of shit going on. That’s why he’s swerving through traffic and making a mess of everybody else, right? So I’m going to give love and send out good things and positive energy, not projects– like, you must not care about me, and you are a little miserable. Still, because you are screaming to traffic, I’ll make sure that I’m still going to be good even though you and whatever state, and whatever you got going on. I’m still going to spend, and hopefully, that will end your need to control your need to, you know, project your need to Define everything and be good with the unknown. That, that is not my madam.

 That is not my spiritual journey. So the only thing I have to do now is love to see me accept it and let it be, and I’m going to let me be, and maybe you and I can’t be together, but I love you enough. To let you be over there. And I love me enough to let me be over here, where I messed with. Whatever that is. That’s missing. Yeah, right.

 The following quote that stood out to me is to be fully Alive is to act like a Sacrament is the visible form of an invisible spirit and outward manifestation of inward power. And this was so powerful to me because, again, it’s like, well, what do we do with all this information? What do we do with this strange familiarity? This disk For and you act, you move through it, you move with it, you move in it, right? This is the outward manifestation of inward power. Your faith, Your Love, Your Divine, your Spirit, right? Is being and that’s loved by you being you, doing you and doing your thing, alright? The last quote I want to Say is Love is All, everything, our true destiny, right? So I want to end this because it helps us relax.

 You don’t have to know everything; you don’t have everything; you don’t have to do everything. All you have to do is whatever that means to you. However, that means for you. And the more you move with that in that and through that the video,